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Pre-Employment Screening

Exceeding Expectations

TMI is dedicated to providing timely, accurate, cost-effective and Fair Credit Reporting Act compliant background checks to help you make those important hiring decisions. We are a full service, one-stop Pre-Employment background screening solution provider.  We work closely with you to secure the services that best comply with your policies and requirements, customizing our Pre-Employment Screening Services to meet your needs and goals. TMI’s goal is to help you minimize employment risk and maximize profits with thorough screening and background checks. Our experienced research network provides the best available data. We screen the results for thoroughness and accuracy with strict attention to details, ensuring that your company will always have the most comprehensive information available to assist you with your hiring decisions. Contact us at for more information or to begin screening your potential new hire.



  •  Avoid making UNSUITABLE or NEGLIGENT hire.

  • Prevent workplace violence and theft. 

  • Prevent lawsuits.

  •  Provide confidence to your clients knowing your employees have been screened.

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Statistics reveal 3 out of 20 applicants falsify their name, Social
Security Number, and/or driver’s license number in order to hide civil
records and criminal convictions or charges. A much higher
percentage of applicants provide other elements of false information
to employers when applying for a position.


Pre-Employment Services

We Do it All

Background Records

Our screening package includes the following services.
● Compliance with FCRA- 7 years of background history as allowed.
● County Civil Records
● County Criminal Records- multi- jurisdictional county/parish.
● Federal Civil records search
● Federal Criminal Records search
● National Criminal Records search
● Social Security verification
● All forms needed to comply with adverse action
● Full report
● Online access to report progress in realtime.
● Online accessible reports with controlled access

Reference Verification

  • Employment Verification

  • Education Verification

  • Credential Verification

  • Basic Reference

  • Professional Reference

  • Peer Reference

  • DOT

  • International Employment

Motor Vehicle Records

Through our private network of direct-to-DMV, our system collects, organizes and
standardizes the data you need to quickly and efficiently with the most accurate and
efficient pre- and post-hire driver management services. D.C., Canada and Puerto Rico are included.

Medical Verification

Medical Sanctions DatabaseTM (I-​MEDTM) Level 1 I-​MEDTM Level 1 includes more federal and state sanctions level sources to help meet federal and state compliance guidelines. Exceeds that which is currently offered in other
providers' Level 1 and Level 1+ solutions.