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  • Oversee all Questionable Claims

  • Support Designated Legal Units

  • Maintain Anti-Fraud Training records

  • Hospital Pharmacy Canvass

  • Activity Checks

  • Alive and Well Checks

  • File reviews

  • Complex claim investigations

  • Assures Personnel Exceed  SIU Requirements

  • Management of Investigation and Surveillance Vendors

  • Contestable Death Investigations


In addition to our extensive list of investigations services, TMI employees also excel at obtaining recorded statements using the highest quality HD recorders available. The owner, Terrell Miceli, trains each employee on the correct way to obtain a witness statement. Over the last three decades, Terrell Miceli and his employees have proved cases to be fraudulent through recorded statements countless times.  

Some witnesses don't understand the consequences of PERJURY or the reputation a fraudulent claimant can give a witness (friend/co-worker) in their profession. When this situation presents itself we will inform the subject of the LAW and the offense that follows of willfully telling an untruth in a court after having taken an oath or affirmation. 

The DIFFERENCE  between a TMI INVESTIGATOR obtaining a recorded statement and "just another person with a checklist" is our investigation capabilities to KNOW THE TRUTH BEFORE WE MAKE CONTACT WITH THE WITNESS


TMI can service all scopes of accident scene investigations. Our investigators specialize but are not limited to; investigating every day traffic accidents, heavy equipment accidents miles into an isolated environment, and accidents 100+ miles offshore on a drilling platform.

Our investigators are trained and certified accident investigators and have completed Marine Survival Training and Helicopter Underwater Egress Training (HUET CERTIFIED).

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